GO:0070489 T cell aggregation

2 hsa genes in COXPRESdb.
2 mmu genes in COXPRESdb.
2 rno genes in COXPRESdb.


term: T cell aggregation
goid: GO:0070489

Shaded genes do not have GeneChip data. The output was limited up to 300 for each of species.
Species Symbol Supportability of
expression data
Full name* Entrez Gene ID Evidence*
hsa MSN ☆☆☆ moesin 4478 IDA
hsa ZAP70 ☆☆☆ zeta chain of T cell receptor associated protein kinase 70 7535 TAS
mmu Msn ☆☆☆ moesin 17698 ISO
mmu Spn ☆☆☆ sialophorin 20737
rno Spn ☆☆☆ sialophorin 24796
rno Msn ☆☆☆ moesin 81521 IEA,ISO,ISS

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