ver. 8.1

last update; Aug. 24. 2018

Coexpressed gene network

Nodes (genes)

Node Color Description
Yellow Target gene in gene page
Lighter gray Additional genes
Orange Commonly appeared genes in an orholog page

Edges (lines between genes)

Co-expressed gene networks in COXPRESdb are drawn based on rank of correlation. Use of correlation rank partially normalizes the density of genes in correlation space.

Correlation rank is asymmetric, namely the rank of gene B from gene A is not the same as the rank of gene A from gene B. Thus, the geometric averaged rank is used.
AveRank(AB) = √ (Rank(A→B) x Rank(B→A))

AveRankEdge thickness
1 ~ 5Bold
  5 ~ 30Normal
30 ~  Weak

Edge color indecates support data between the genes.
Edge type Description Data Source
Red dotted PPI Human Protein Reference Database
Orange Conserved coexpression NCBI HomoloGene and COXPRESdb


Human SSR1 Mouse Ssr1