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last update; Aug. 24. 2018

Experimental description of Human GeneChip data for co-expressed gene table (ver. 2)

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# Of slidesExperimental typeSample descriptionRMA normalized data
GSE2109 1186 cancer portraits Expression Project for Oncology (expO) part1
GSE2125 45 parallel sample isolated alveolar macrophages download
GSE2328 9 other Application of genome-wide expression analysis to human health & disease download
GSE2435 6 ordered Autophagy promotes MHC class II presentation of peptides from intracellular source proteins download
GSE2555 2 parallel sample HCaRG-9 vs NEO-1 download
GSE2600 6 ordered Anaplasma phagocytophilum infected NB4 cells download
GSE2634 17 parallel sample Comparison of human and non-human primate gene expression profiles download
GSE2677 39 other Prednisolone treated childhood ALL samples download
GSE2816 6 repeat cMyb and vMyb in human monocytes download
GSE2817 30 wavelet, glioma, unsupervised Wavelet modelling of microarray data provides chromosomal pattern of expression which predicts survival in gliomas download
GSE2842 45 treatment response Additional systems to Prednisolone treated childhood ALL samples download
GSE2864 6 time-course tourt-affy-human-131547 download
GSE3077 12 Dilution series, platform comparison, Affymetrix, Illumina Dillution series comparison of Affymetrix and Illumina Expression Platforms download
GSE3202 23 drug treatment MK886 treatment of H720 non-small cell lung cancer cell line download
GSE3284 18 Gene expression profiling of human blood leukocytes in response to in vivo endotoxin administration. A network-based analysis of systemic inflammation in humans download
GSE3325 19 prostate cancer progression Integrative Genomic and Proteomic Analysis of Prostate Cancer Reveals Signatures of Metastatic Progression download
GSE3526 353 normal human tissue comparison Comparison of gene expression profiles across the normal human body download
GSE3678 14 gene expression analysis PTC versus paired normal thyroid tissue download
GSE3744 47 Type Human breast tumor expression download
GSE4030 8 time-course bunge-affy-arabi-162779 download
GSE4036 28 other perro-affy-human-186940 download
GSE4064 4 tissue type and state comparison Gene expression of growing antler in Cervus elaphus download
GSE4086 4 Hypoxia responsive, case control Hypoxia responsive genes in human Burkitt's lymphoma cell line, P493-6. download
GSE4182 9 Prenatal gene expression signature Genetic background of the polygenic neural tube defect download
GSE4217 12 other Spheroid Formation and Recovery of Human Foreskin Fibroblasts at Ambient Temperature download
GSE4218 12 other Spheroid Formation and Recovery of Human T98G Glioma Cells at Ambient Temperature download
GSE4219 24 SuperSeries Spheroid Formation and Recovery of Human Foreskin Fibroblasts and T98G Glioma Cells at Ambient Temperature download
GSE4237 10 other Hussaini-2R01NS035122-06A1 download
GSE4250 4 tissue specific expression profile Determination of expression level of gingiva expressed genes download
GSE4488 7 affected and obligatory carriers vs controls Expression data from whole blood download
GSE4567 8 particle treatment Endothelial cell culture with Chapel Hill Ultrafine particle download
GSE4600 11 Neuronal Differentiation, Targets of MeCP2, Rett syndrome. Identifying targets of MeCP2 during neuronal maturational differentiation download
GSE4737 2 parallel sample HCaRG vs NEO download
GSE4757 20 other Rogers-3U24NS043571-01S1 download
GSE4773 20 time-course Greene-5P01NS017771-220003 download
GSE4780 57 other Scheck-3U24NS043571-01S1-2 download
GSE4824 6 cell type comparison Analysis of lung cancer cell lines download
GSE4883 9 time-course, response to treatment Simvastatin has an anti-inflammatory effect on macrophages via upregulation of Kruppel-like factor-2 download
GSE4888 27 Gene expression arrays human endometrium Molecular phenotyping of human endometrium download
GSE4984 12 dendritic cell maturation Monocyte Derived Dendritic Cell Maturation download
GSE5040 24 human lymphoblast cells Polyamides alleviate transcription inhibition associated with long GAA*TTC repeats in Friedreich's ataxia download
GSE5109 6 Time-Series Gastric Bypass Human Obese Muscle download
GSE5110 10 stimulus or stress design 48h Immobilization in human download
GSE5145 6 comparison Genes regulated by vitamin D in bronchial smooth muscle cells download
GSE5264 30 time course Human bronchial epithelial cell differentiation time course download
GSE5281 74 other steph-affy-human-433773 download
GSE5350 140 Cross-platform comparison MicroArray Quality Control (MAQC) Project download
GSE5372 22 response to airway injury airway epithelium, large airways, pre and post-mechanical injury download
GSE5486 8 microarray, gene expression, Affymetrix, drug treatment, emetine, caffeine, actinomycin D, novel tumor suppressor gene candidates Using GINI2 to identify novel mutations in candidate tumor suppressor genes in colon cancer cells download
GSE5563 19 disease state analysis Gene expression profile of VIN lesions in comparison to controls download
GSE5675 41 Human, WHO grade I, BRain tumor, Pilocytic astrocytoma, NF1 Pilocytic astrocytoma download
GSE5679 11 ligand response Comparative gene expression profile of PPARg and RARa ligand treated human dendritic cells download
GSE5741 9 treatment with non-treatment control Expression data from ARPE-19 cells treated with LDL or ox-LDL download
GSE5764 30 cell type comparison Analysis of microdissected invasive lobular and ductal breast carcinomas in relation to normal ductal and lobular cells download
GSE5787 33 disease state comparison Survey of Intra- and Inter-Tumour Heterogeneity of Gene Expression in Cervical Cancer download
GSE5809 14 Gene expression arrays in human stromal cells Decidual stromal cell response to paracrine signals from the trophoblast download
GSE5816 29 Cell line comparison A Genome-wide Screen for Hypermethylated Genes in Lung Cancer download
GSE5823 20 siRNA analysis Effects of RNA interference-mediated c-MYC depletion on gene expression profiles in human cancer cell lines download
GSE5968 12 ERRalpha, PGC-1alpha, nuclear receptor, orphan nuclear receptor, coactivator, transcription factors Identification of ERRalpha dependent PGC-1alpha tagret genes download
GSE5993 6 differential expression profiling from transcription factor depletion mRNA expression profiling of p63-depleted versus wildtype ME180 cells download
GSE6004 18 Genetic modification Gene Expression and Functional Evidence of Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition in Papillary Thyroid Cancer Invasion download
GSE6013 27 time course, gene expression, cell line, asbestos Gene expression in asbestos exposed lung cells download
GSE6021 4 RNA immunoprecipitation Immunoprecipitation of PTB65 associated mRNAs download
GSE6022 6 RNA immunoprecipitation Immunoprecipitation of U2AF65 associated mRNAs download
GSE6075 3 oncogenesis. E6 in HOK/Bmi-1 cells download
GSE6090 6 Activation state, signalling, Toll-like Receptor (TLR) DC-SIGN initiates an immature dendritic cell phenotype triggering Rho activation that is utilised by HIV-1 download
GSE6092 8 Cell response to inflammatory stimuli IFN-gamma alters the response of Borrelia burgdorferi-activated endothelium to favor chronic inflammation download
GSE6140 6 platform comparison Cross platform microarray analysis for robust identification of differentially expressed genes download
GSE6207 14 time course miR-124 transfection time course download
GSE6233 2 Gene expression after RNAi Expression data in ezrin-knockdown ec109 cells(PSE1) and control(PS) download
GSE6241 8 time course The effects of Serum Amyloid A on gene expression profile in HUVECs download
GSE6257 6 TNFalpha, Lymphatic endothelium, induction, Inflammation An inflammation-induced mechanism for leukocyte transmigration of lymphatic vessel endothelium. download
GSE6269 22 expression analysis Gene expression patterns in blood leukocytes discriminate patients with acute infections download
GSE6276 6 dose response rogae-affy-human-323460 download
GSE6281 34 time course, allergic response Gene expression time-course in the human skin during elicitation of allergic contact dermatitis download
GSE6283 21 Trisomy, Down syndrome, Patau syndrome, Edward syndrome, microarray, gene expression, amniocytes, chorion villus cells, gene dosage effect, DSCR1 Specific transcriptional networks in human fetus with autosomal trisomies download
GSE6338 60 Molecular pathogenesis, molecular classification Gene expression analysis of Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma/Unspecified download
GSE6357 6 Renal cell carcinoma, CD8+ T cells, microarray, apoptosis, JAK3 Activation of human CD8+ T cells in renal cell carcinoma download
GSE6364 37 disease state analysis Gene Profiling of Endometrium Reveals Progesterone Resistance and Candidate Genetic Loci in Women with Endometriosis download
GSE6369 2 disease-state analysis Prostate Adenocarcinoma Progression download
GSE6400 12 responses to treatments with anti-cancer agents Cultured A549 lung cancer cells treated with actinomycin D and sapphyrin PCI-2050 download
GSE6451 6 overexpression of different antioxidant response element activators A genomic screen for activators of the antioxidant response element download
GSE6495 6 comparative genomic hybridization NOTCH signaling in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell lines download
GSE6519 12 dietary dose response Microarray Analysis of Baboon neonates consuming long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid formula download
GSE6521 37 time course MCF7 inhibitor download
GSE6532 87 disease state analysis Definition of clinically distinct molecular subtypes in estrogen receptor positive breast carcinomas using genomic grade download
GSE6561 4 karyotypically abnormal hESC vs karyotypically normal hESC. Expression data from hsr containing human embryonic stem cell line, H14, and parent H14 human embryonic stem cell line. download
GSE6573 6 disease comparison, disease state Dysregulation of the circulating and tissue-based renin-angiotensin system in preeclampsia download
GSE6575 56 autism analysis Gene expression in blood of children with autism spectrum disorder download
GSE6653 8 Time-course Gene expression analysis of IOSE cells treated with TGFb1, a time course study download
GSE6743 6 Human T cell, vitamin D and A, chemokine receptor, nuclear receptor 1,25 (OH)2 vitamin D3 induces expression of CCR10 and other genes download
GSE6791 81 Gene expression ptofiles of primary cancers Gene Expression Profiles of HPV-Positive and -Negative Head/Neck and Cervical Cancers download
GSE6816 2 Melanotransferrin, hyperexpression cell lines, comparative genomic hybridization Hyperexpression of Human Melanotransferrin on SK-N-MC Cell Line download
GSE6817 3 Melanotransferrin, siRNA, comparative genomic hybridization Downregulation of Human Melanotransferrin on SK-Mel-28 Cell Line download
GSE6819 6 siRNA treatment study Identification of genes that are linked with optineurin expression download
GSE6833 5 SuperSeries Hyperexpression and Downregulation of Melanotransferrin on Various Cell Lines download
GSE6863 6 stress response, cell differentiation Immature dendritic cells under hypoxic condition download
GSE6872 21 disease state analysis Spermatozoal RNA Profiles (U133 Plus 2.0 Array) download
GSE6890 5 cell line comparison Transcriptome maps of six different human cell lines download
GSE6960 12 Dose response Synthesis and Anticancer Properties of Water-Soluble Zinc Ionophores 1 download
GSE6962 12 Dose response Synthesis and Anticancer Properties of Water-Soluble Zinc Ionophores 2 download
GSE6965 4 dendritic cell, A. fumigatus germ tubes, infection for 6h, affymetrix whole genome microarray analysis Gene expression profil of human dendritic cells after infection with A. fumigatus download
GSE6969 21 SuperSeries Spermatozoal RNA Profiles from Normally Fertile and Heterogeneously Teratozoospermic Subjects download
GSE6972 24 SuperSeries Synthesis and Anticancer Properties of Water-Soluble Zinc Ionophore: Cell Culture and Xenograft Model download
GSE7036 6 Bipolar Disorder, Monozygotic Twins, Discordant, Trasnsformed Lymphocytes Expression profiling in monozygotic twins discordant for bipolar disorder download
GSE7153 17 Affymetrix Hu133_Plus microarrays Transcriptional targets of p16INK4A in melanoma download
GSE7181 6 Cancer stem cell, CD133, glioblastoma CD133+ and CD133- CSC lines in primary human GBM download
GSE7213 4 comparative expression profiling Comparative analysis of cellular mRNA incorporation into MLV and HIV1 virus-like particles download
GSE7216 25 cytokine response Cytokine treated normal human epidermal keratinocytes download
GSE7234 4 different karyotype Expression data from different karyotypic human embryonic stem cells download
GSE7247 10 Loading methodology comparison Dendritic Cells Compare the Similarity of Endogenous and Exogenous Antigens download
GSE7305 20 Human tissue transcriptional profiling Human endometriosis vs normal endometrium study - transcriptional profiling download
GSE7307 677 Human body index of gene expression Human body index - transcriptional profiling part1
GSE7364 8 genomic DNA, CGH, Copy Number Variation Gene-resolution analysis of DNA copy number variation using oligonucleotide expression microarrays download
GSE7382 6 Inducible cell lines Expression profiling of MCF-7 cells with inducible LMO4 and DN-Clim expression download
GSE7392 30 time course, comparative expression Molecular Evidence of Injury and Inflammation in Normal and Fibrotic Renal Allografts One Year Post-Transplant download
GSE7508 6 effects of gene knockdown Identification of LEDGF-responsive genes in Jurkat cells download
GSE7509 26 response to antibody Gene expression changes in anti-FcgRIIb treated DCs and monocytes download
GSE7554 8 comparison, experiemental versus control Identification of Cellular Genes Targeted by KSHV-Encoded MicroRNAs download
GSE7578 15 shRNA knock-down shRNA-mediated knock down of Bmi-1 and Mel-18 in medulloblastoma cells download
GSE7708 14 Gene expression changes in cultured LNCaP cells after DHT-stimulation and various treatment conditions Suppression of androgen receptor mediated gene expression by a sequence-specific DNA binding polyamide download
GSE7745 6 ChIP-CHIP and expression data Mapping of HNF4α binding sites, acetylation of histone H3 and expression in Caco2 cells download
GSE7835 15 Gene expression changes in cultured U251 cells after DFO-stimulation and various treatment conditions Modulating hypoxia-inducible transcription by disrupting the HIF-1-DNA interface download
GSE7845 2 Comparative genomic hybridization Proinflammatory Responses of Human Airway Cells to Ricin Involve Stress-Activated Protein Kinases and NF-κB download