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last update; Aug. 24. 2018

Experimental description of Rat GeneChip data for co-expressed gene table (ver. 2)

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# Of slidesExperimental typeSample descriptionRMA normalized data
GSE287018dose responseOgle-5P01NS037520-05download
GSE287212dose responsed'mel-affy-rat-168311download
GSE28756dose responseSabban-5R01NS028869-11download
GSE329816time course, fracture, growthplate, ratmRNA expression in rat proximal femoral growthplate after mid-shaft fracturedownload
GSE386610Gene transferp38 MAPK overexpression in heart in
GSE4031105dose responsecolan-affy-rat-89421download
GSE40384dose responsesabba-affy-rat-168529download
GSE48656rat pituitary organ culture treated vs controlComparison of gene expression profiles between GnRH-treated and control rat pituitary organ culturesdownload
GSE528212rat optic nerve head astrocytesAstrocytes in response to activation of EGFRdownload
GSE5350943Cross-platform comparisonMicroArray Quality Control (MAQC) Projectdownload
GSE550939otherExpression data from Rat liver 48 hours after treated with different toxic
GSE560614single time point, comparison control animal v. diabetic animalExpression data from Normal (control) and Diabetic animals LV heart tissue (At 16wks)download
GSE5680120eQTL, F2 crossExpression data for an eQTL experiment in rat eyedownload
GSE649715gene expression changes due to acute rejectionExpression profile of syngeneic (sTX) and allogeneic kidney (aTX) transplantation compared to control (ctr) kidneysdownload
GSE73239dose responseHippocampus response to ketone bodies (maalo-affy-rat-387180)download
GSE74919Time courseExpression data from rat lung alveolar developmentdownload
GSE74939time-courseMutant SOD1 rats (lobsi-affy-rat-194438)download
GSE76978Dose responseGranulosa cell gene expression associated with oocyte developmental competencedownload