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last update; Aug. 24. 2018

Experimental description of Mouse GeneChip data for co-expressed gene table (ver. 2)

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# Of slidesExperimental typeSample descriptionRMA normalized data
GSE1074 12 Ordered Strain-dependent effects of alcohol on early mouse embryos download
GSE1435 27 other Microarray Based Comparison of two Amplification Methods For Nanogram Amounts of Total RNA download
GSE1479 36 time-course C57BL/6 Benchmark Set for Early Cardiac Development download
GSE1835 4 dose response Myocilin effect on retina. Russell-7U24NS043571-02 download
GSE1871 12 other SCCOR_MouseLung_Simva_LPS download
GSE1986 17 other Global gene expression across a range of tissues download
GSE1999 15 dose response Neuroprotective effects of erythropoietin. Wilson-5R01NS028208-15 download
GSE2019 11 ordered Microarray Based Comparison of three Amplification Methods For Nanogram Amounts of Total RNA download
GSE2060 5 parallel sample Characterize CREB target genes in different tissue types download
GSE2161 8 other Identification of genes that are dysregulated in the telencephalon of Dlx1/2 mutants. Rubenstein-2R01MH049428-11 download
GSE2372 6 other Aortae of 32 weeks old apoE mice download
GSE2389 4 repeat sample Regulatory T cell lineage specification by Foxp3 download
GSE2463 2 ordered Targets of FGFR2-IIIb signalling in the hair follicle download
GSE2843 5 treatment response thymic mouse cells download
GSE2869 8 other Rosenfeld-5R01NS034934-14 download
GSE2873 4 other Burden-2R01NS036193-06A1 download
GSE3100 23 disease state analysis Cystic Fibrosis Mouse Lung Profiles download
GSE3203 16 Infection-induced responses Influenza virus infection-induced gene expression changes of regional B cells are mediated in part through type I IFN download
GSE3414 36 Time Course Immune Response to Nippostrongylus brasiliensis in the mouse lung download
GSE3425 2 treatment response Silencing of microRNAs in vivo with "antagomirs" download
GSE3440 14 time series Effect of aldosterone on gene expression in the heart download
GSE3463 12 Time course and comparison of sexes Expression profiling of mouse gonadal somatic cells download
GSE3554 6 retina, glaucoma, DBA/2J, elevated intraocular pressure Microarray Analysis of Retinal Gene Expression in the DBA/2J Model of Glaucoma download
GSE3653 16 Ngn3 induction, embryonic stem cell differentiation Inducible Ngn3 Embryonic Stem Cells download
GSE3822 16 embryonic metanephric kidney, kidney development, Hoxa11, Hoxd11, compound null targeted mice Complete embryonic E11.5 metanephric kidney analysis of wild type and Hoxa11, Hoxd11 null targeted mice download
GSE4034 24 dose response palme-affy-mouse-198967 download
GSE4035 24 NIH Neuroscience Microarray Consortium palme-affy-mouse-84746 download
GSE4040 6 dose response sikes-affy-mouse-84486 download
GSE4041 6 other zhang-affy-mouse-200705 download
GSE4043 6 time course, cell type comparison Gene profiling analysis of Src chemical rescue download
GSE4051 39 Transcription factor, development, photoreceptor, retina, neuron, differentiation, gene regulation, microarray, gene profiling, cell type comparison Targeting of GFP to new-born rods by Nrl promoter and temporal expression profiling of flow-sorted photoreceptors download
GSE4098 16 repeat Mouse limbal epithelial basal cells vs. corneal epithelial basal cell gene expression profile download
GSE4142 14 Cell Type Comparison Molecular Analysis of antigen-specific B cell responses download
GSE4179 3 cell type comparison A function for interleukin 2 in Foxp3-expressing regulatory T cells download
GSE4189 14 Array Based The Oct4 and Nanog transcription network that regulates pluripotency in mouse embryonic stem cells download
GSE4193 8 Specific germ cells from murine testis Gene expression in murine germ cells download
GSE4230 8 tissue specificity, time course, development, kidney, metanephric mesenchyme, nephron, Lim1, knockout mice, conditional knockout Gene expression profiles in developing nephrons using Lim1 metanephric mesenchyme-specific conditional mutant mice download
GSE4260 6 time course Cumulus-oocyte complex temporal expression download
GSE4307 20 Single cell analysis Expression data from single cells from ICMs of mouse blastocysts at E3.5 download
GSE4308 16 Method validation Expression data for validation of single cell cDNA amplification method (V1V3 method) download
GSE4309 36 SuperSeries An improved single-cell cDNA amplification method for efficient high-density oligonucleotide microarray analysis download
GSE4332 8 time_series_design Cell intrinsic alterations underlie hematopoietic stem cell aging download
GSE4411 11 other burde-affy-arabi-64764 download
GSE4413 4 other katz-affy-mouse-212743 download
GSE4481 18 Growth plate zone comparison and treatment response analysis C-type natriuretic peptide regulates endochondral ossification through p38 MAP kinase-dependent pathways_2 download
GSE4658 6 static vs simulated microgravity static vs simulated microgravity download
GSE4695 6 endothelin-1; Et1; dermal fibroblast Changes in gene expression in dermal fibroblasts following exposure to Et1 peptide download
GSE4752 6 other tourt-affy-mouse-243760 download
GSE4756 8 dose response ruiz-affy-mouse-243540 download
GSE4758 24 time-course conra-affy-mouse-89474 download
GSE4774 15 other ruben-affy-mouse-187820 download
GSE4786 9 Effect of aging, effect of caloric restriction, time course, disease state analysis Caloric restriction suppresses apoptotic cell death in the mammalian cochlea and leads to prevention of presbycusis download
GSE4866 10 disease state analysis The role of mtDNA mutations in age-related hearing loss in mice carrying a mutator DNA polymerase gamma download
GSE4936 8 neural progenitors, embryoid bodies, differentiation, Hedgehog, retinoic acid Transcriptional Profiling of Hh-Treated Embryoid Bodies download
GSE5018 3 Bhlhb8, Mist1, mucous neck cell, laser-capture microdissection, zymogenic, gastric cell differentiation A profile of murine gastric epithelial cells: Parietal, Zymogenic, Pit download
GSE5035 12 time-course zhang-affy-arabi-50806 download
GSE5036 4 dose response zhang-affy-mouse-175010 download
GSE5037 18 dose response zhang-affy-mouse-217286 download
GSE5038 9 other zhang-affy-mouse-308606 download
GSE5124 6 gene swap, knock-in, hindbrain development, rhombomere 4 Hoxb1 gene expressing Hox-A1 protein: Altered transcriptional profile in rhombomere 4 at E10.5 download
GSE5127 18 toxicology, chemical carcinogenesis, lung Gene Expression Biomarkers for Predicting Lung Tumors in Two-Year Rodent Bioassays download
GSE5128 18 toxicology, chemical carcinogenesis, liver Gene Expression Biomarkers for Predicting Liver Tumors in Two-Year Rodent Bioassays download
GSE5156 4 functional genomics; transcriptional profiling Impact of intestinal colonization on Paneth cell gene expression download
GSE5198 18 response to microbial colonization Transcriptional profiling of mouse ileum in response to colonization with a zebrafish or mouse gut microbiota download
GSE5202 12 time course Expression data from B. melitensis infected mouse macrophages download
GSE5296 96 Time-Series Spinal Cord Injury Murine Model download
GSE5298 8 genetic modification Development of heart valves requires Gata4 expression in endothelial-derived cells download
GSE5309 7 Normal C57BL/6 Mammary Gland Epithelial Cells Transcriptional Profiling of Mammary Gland Side Population Cells download
GSE5324 48 mRNA degradation, time course, knockout experiment TTP mRNA targets identified by global analysis of stabilized transcripts in TTP-deficient fibroblasts download
GSE5338 8 genetic modification In vivo function of NR2E3 in establishing photoreceptor identity during mammalian retinal development download
GSE5500 21 genetic modification, pressure overload stress response Gata4 is required for postnatal cardiac function and protection from pressure overload-induced heart failure download
GSE5582 6 neocortical astrocyte, cerebellar astrocyte, murine, postnatal day 1 Neocortical and cerebellar astrocytes download
GSE5587 6 other tourt-affy-arabi-307860 download
GSE5657 20 2x2 factorial design with complete blocks Effect of X-linked hypophosphatemia (the Hyp mutation) on gene expression in the mid-shaft of the mouse femur download
GSE5668 6 Developmental stage (mature vs. immature) comparison Identification and characterization of the changed and stable transcripts during mouse oocyte maturation download
GSE5715 10 disease state analysis Intestinal Phenotype of Variable Weight Cystic Fibrosis Knockout Mice download
GSE5817 21 other marsh-affy-mouse-232749 download
GSE5959 6 Genetic variation Expression differences in the liver of a congenic mouse with low serum IGF-1 download
GSE5976 12 time course Mesp1-induced gene expression changes download
GSE5985 4 cell stimulation Gene expression profile of BAFF-stimulated B cells download
GSE5987 11 Tumor vs normal comparisons Mouse model of Endometrioid Ovarian Adenocarcinomas by conditional inactivation of PTEN and APC genes download
GSE6055 8 disease state analysis, time course Gene Expression Profiling Reveals Unique Pathways Associated with Differential Severity of Lyme Arthritis download
GSE6065 100 Aeromonas; Virulence; Gene expression; Host response Murine host cell response to Aeromonas infection download
GSE6078 5 Disease state analysis, genetic modification, Intestinal polyposis, PTEN mutant, Cowden disease mouse model PTEN-deficient intestinal stem cells initiate intestinal polyposis download
GSE6079 2 expression comparison expression comparison of wildtype lungs and hypomorphic for nmyc download
GSE6116 70 toxicology, chemical carcinogenesis, lung Transcriptional Biomarkers to Predict Female Mouse Lung Tumors in Rodent Cancer Bioassays - A 13 Chemical Training Set download
GSE6210 12 Liver and quadricpes muscle gene expression, WT vs. PGC1beta mutant Hypomorphic Mutation in PGC1beta causes mitochondrial dysfunction and liver insulin resistance download
GSE6223 13 Gene expression comparison from developing regions of the mouse embryonic day 14 urogenital system Gene expression profiles of embryonic day 14 bladder, urogenital sinus, and urethra. download
GSE6257 2 TNFalpha, Lymphatic endothelium, induction, Inflammation An inflammation-induced mechanism for leukocyte transmigration of lymphatic vessel endothelium. download
GSE6259 21 cell type comparison of wildtype and Flt3L melonom spleen DCs and splenic B cells, CD4 and CD8 T cells Differential antigen processing by dendritic cell subsets in vivo download
GSE6290 37 Comparison of kidney components. Gene expression profiles of components of the developing kidney download
GSE6291 6 mRNA expression profiling, oligonucleotide microarrays, stem cells Transcriptome Analysis Multipotent Adult Progenitor Cells (Affy) download
GSE6376 4 stress response Zymosan stimulation of MyD88-deficient bone marrow-derived macrophages download
GSE6383 6 comparative genomic hybridization: epithelium vs. mesenchyme Mouse small intestine epithelium vs. mesenchyme download
GSE6397 14 disease state modification Comparison between gene expression in heart from Lmna H222P heterozygous and control mice download
GSE6398 14 disease state modification Comparison between gene expression in heart from Lmna H222P homozygous and control mice download
GSE6399 14 disease state modification Comparison between gene expression in heart from Emd KO and control mice download
GSE6424 4 hematopoietic stem cells , immortalization, ÁEcatenin, genetic modification, time course ÁEcatenin Plays a Dual Role in the Generation and Maintenance of Immortalized Hematopoietic Stem Cells download
GSE6461 9 tumor versus normal muscle tissue SYT-SSX murine synovial sarcoma model download
GSE6466 7 Gene expression comparison between postnatal day 1 and adult bladders Gene expression profiles of postnatal day 1 and adult bladders download
GSE6482 9 Cell type comparison mECK36: a cell and animal model of virally induced Kaposi's sarcoma download
GSE6487 30 Time-Series Myogenesis MyoD download
GSE6514 90 gene expression, temporal changes, brain, behavior, sleep, Gene expression in the mouse brain during spontaneous sleep and prolonged wakefulness download
GSE6526 16 time course Expression time course data HEY2 KO and WT MASMC treated with PDGF download
GSE6589 11 Comparison of kidney components. Gene expression profiles of components of the developing kidney (GUDMAP Series_id: 12) download
GSE6595 40 embryo kind comparison Gene expression study in 1 and 2 cell cloned mice embryos download
GSE6623 12 Hematopoietic stem cells, myeloid progenitors, oxidative stress, ROS, Affymetrix Mouse Genome 430 2.0 FoxO are critical mediators of hematopoietic stem cell resistance to physiologic oxidative stress download
GSE6675 8 fibroblast growth factor-2 treatment Astroglial gene expression program elicited by fibroblast growth factor-2 mande-affy-mouse-307080 download
GSE6676 8 TGF-beta overexpression Comparison of corneas from wildtype mice to those from mice under the influence of high doses of TGF-beta russe-affy-mouse-372894 download
GSE6678 18 gene knockout Palmitoyl protein thioesterase-1 knockout mice hofma-affy-mouse-370000 download
GSE6681 4 genetic modification Foxp3 ablation in peripheral mature regulatory T cells download
GSE6765 9 Aeromonas caviae, infection, disease mechanism, TH1 resposne Aeromonas caviae infection, 24 hours download
GSE6770 4 Genetic Modification Gene Expression Data in HDAC2 KO Myocardium download
GSE6789 12 genetic modification, strain comparison, cell stimulation, time course, inflammatory response response to IL-1b of WT and IRAK4 kinase dead mouse embryonic fibroblasts download
GSE6815 4 Melanotransferrin, hyperexpression cell lines, comparative genomic hybridization Hyperexpression of Mouse Melanotransferrin on LMTK Cell Line download
GSE6833 4 SuperSeries Hyperexpression and Downregulation of Melanotransferrin on Various Cell Lines download
GSE6837 8 comparative study Expression data from wild type (wt) and Ikbke knockout (Ikke) embryonic fibroblasts (EF) download
GSE6858 16 case control Expression data from experimental murine asthma download
GSE6867 6 genetic modification Expression data in the absence of Notch1 in hair follicles download
GSE6875 8 Cell type comparison Development of Regulatory T cell Precursors in the Absence of a Functional Foxp3 Protein download
GSE6881 10 Time Course Embryonic Testis Developmental Time Course download
GSE6882 10 Time course Embryonic Ovary Developmental Time Course download
GSE6916 20 SuperSeries Embryonic Testis/Ovary Developmental Time Courses download
GSE6934 4 mutant comparison Wnt4-dependent gene expression in the developing kidney (GUDMAP Series_id: 13) download
GSE6945 4 mouse embryonic fibroblasts, gene expression profiling, microarray, Affymetrix Mouse Genome 430 2.0, cell type comparison The Retinoblastoma Binding Protein RBP2 is an H3K4 demethylase download
GSE6958 2 cell treatment comparison FOG-1-independent transcripition by GATA-1(V205G) in G1E cells download
GSE6959 12 repeat Oscillating gene expression in the prefrontal cortex of C57Bl/6J mice at Zeitgeber Time (ZT) 3, 9, 15, and 21. download
GSE6963 4 Gene expression analysis of the postnatal day 1 mouse ureter Gene expression profiles of mouse postnatal day 1 ureter (GUDMAP Series_id: 14) download
GSE6980 16 XBP-1, MGUS, multiple myeloma, transgenic mouse The Differentiation and Stress Response Factor, XBP-1, Drives Multiple Myeloma Pathogenesis download
GSE6998 32 time course Expression profiling of developmental and regenerating liver in mice download
GSE7012 13 time series Identif. of oscillatory genes in somitogenesis from functional genomic analysis of C2C12 myoblast line download
GSE7020 8 strain comparison The molecular consequences of Nix ablation on apoptosis and erythropoiesis download
GSE7050 18 Lckcre, CD4Cre-Ctnnbex3, lymphoma, gene expression Stabilization of b-catenin induces lymphomas download
GSE7054 13 SuperSeries Identification of oscillatory genes in somitogenesis from functional genomic analysis download
GSE7069 8 Global gene expression data analysis in Zfx-deficient murine ESC and HSC Zfx controls the self-renewal of embryonic and hematopoietic stem cells download
GSE7196 6 microarray and genetic modification Differential gene expression between WT and ERRa-null hearts download
GSE7257 9 Lim1 mutant, kidney development, gene expression profile comparison Laser capture-microarray analysis of Lim1 mutant kidney development. download
GSE7280 10 cell type comparison, response to growth factor, genetic modification Gene expression in peripheral cells: effects of Foxp3 and PDE3B download
GSE7302 6 cell type comparison Expression data from bone marrow hematopoietic stem cell CD34 Flt3 subfractions download
GSE7324 10 genetic modification Structural basis for recognition of SMRT/N-CoR by the MYND domain and its contribution to AML1/ETO's activity download
GSE7333 6 miRNA miR-1-2 knockout versus wild-type hearts download
GSE7342 12 time course Expression data from p38 knock out versus wild type fetal liver download
GSE7348 6 Treatment Comparison Gene Expression in Naive and Tolerant Macrophages stimulated with LPS download
GSE7381 6 knockout and wildtype mice comparison Expression profiling of back skin of Get1 and control mice at e18.5 download
GSE7404 127 time course Comparison of Longitudinal Leukocyte Gene Expression after Burn Injury or Trauma Hemorrhage in Mice download
GSE7407 4 Gene expression comparison Regulation of Gene Expression by Sirt1 in the heart download
GSE7424 8 transplntation tolerance Intragraft gene expression profile associated with the induction of tolerance download
GSE7430 12 Time course Investigate the role of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in development of the exocrine pancreas download
GSE7764 10 mRNA, mouse, NK cell, IL-15 mRNA expression profiles of resting and IL-15 activated murine NK cells download
GSE7770 4 cell type comparison, development Gene expression in thymic CD4 T cells: effects of Foxp3 download
GSE7773 14 SuperSeries Foxp3-dependent programme of regulatory T-cell differentiation download
GSE7784 12 developmental stages Expression profiling of double negative thymocytes download
GSE7810 8 comparative expression profiling Comparative analysis of gene expression WT and Nrf2-/- mice Type II cells download
GSE7823 9 Differential response to hypoxia by strain Murine Pulmonary Response to Chronic Hypoxia is Strain Specific download