[][] hsa ATP1B1 Gene 
functional annotation
Function   ATPase Na+/K+ transporting subunit beta 1
GO:0044861 [list] [network] protein transport into plasma membrane raft  (2 genes)  TAS  
GO:1903281 [list] [network] positive regulation of calcium:sodium antiporter activity  (2 genes)  ISS  
GO:1903288 [list] [network] positive regulation of potassium ion import  (3 genes)  IDA  
GO:1903278 [list] [network] positive regulation of sodium ion export across plasma membrane  (4 genes)  IDA  
GO:1901018 [list] [network] positive regulation of potassium ion transmembrane transporter activity  (6 genes)  IDA  
GO:0036376 [list] [network] sodium ion export across plasma membrane  (7 genes)  IDA ISS  
GO:0090662 [list] [network] ATP hydrolysis coupled transmembrane transport  (7 genes)  IEA  
GO:0010882 [list] [network] regulation of cardiac muscle contraction by calcium ion signaling  (8 genes)  ISS  
GO:0030007 [list] [network] cellular potassium ion homeostasis  (9 genes)  IDA  
GO:1990573 [list] [network] potassium ion import across plasma membrane  (9 genes)  ISS  
GO:0086009 [list] [network] membrane repolarization  (10 genes)  IDA  
GO:0086013 [list] [network] membrane repolarization during cardiac muscle cell action potential  (10 genes)  IC  
GO:0055119 [list] [network] relaxation of cardiac muscle  (12 genes)  ISS  
GO:0006883 [list] [network] cellular sodium ion homeostasis  (13 genes)  IDA  
GO:0010248 [list] [network] establishment or maintenance of transmembrane electrochemical gradient  (13 genes)  IEA  
GO:0086064 [list] [network] cell communication by electrical coupling involved in cardiac conduction  (13 genes)  TAS  
GO:0010107 [list] [network] potassium ion import  (24 genes)  IDA  
GO:0046034 [list] [network] ATP metabolic process  (32 genes)  IDA  
GO:0032781 [list] [network] positive regulation of ATPase activity  (37 genes)  IDA  
GO:0060048 [list] [network] cardiac muscle contraction  (45 genes)  ISS  
GO:1903779 [list] [network] regulation of cardiac conduction  (57 genes)  TAS  
GO:0006874 [list] [network] cellular calcium ion homeostasis  (81 genes)  ISS  
GO:0010468 [list] [network] regulation of gene expression  (94 genes)  ISS  
GO:0072659 [list] [network] protein localization to plasma membrane  (126 genes)  IDA  
GO:0050821 [list] [network] protein stabilization  (154 genes)  IDA ISS  
GO:0001666 [list] [network] response to hypoxia  (161 genes)  IEA  
GO:0034220 [list] [network] ion transmembrane transport  (182 genes)  TAS  
GO:0050900 [list] [network] leukocyte migration  (202 genes)  TAS  
GO:0007155 [list] [network] cell adhesion  (457 genes)  IEA  
GO:0005890 [list] [network] sodium:potassium-exchanging ATPase complex  (11 genes)  IDA ISS  
GO:0014704 [list] [network] intercalated disc  (45 genes)  ISS  
GO:1903561 [list] [network] extracellular vesicle  (53 genes)  HDA  
GO:0005901 [list] [network] caveola  (71 genes)  IEA  
GO:0042383 [list] [network] sarcolemma  (89 genes)  ISS  
GO:0043209 [list] [network] myelin sheath  (147 genes)  IEA  
GO:0016323 [list] [network] basolateral plasma membrane  (186 genes)  IEA  
GO:0016324 [list] [network] apical plasma membrane  (291 genes)  IEA  
GO:0005622 [list] [network] intracellular  (530 genes)  IEA  
GO:0016020 [list] [network] membrane  (1918 genes)  IDA  
GO:0070062 [list] [network] extracellular exosome  (2817 genes)  HDA  
GO:0005886 [list] [network] plasma membrane  (4337 genes)  IDA TAS  
GO:0005391 [list] [network] sodium:potassium-exchanging ATPase activity  (10 genes)  IDA ISS  
GO:0031402 [list] [network] sodium ion binding  (13 genes)  IDA  
GO:0030955 [list] [network] potassium ion binding  (15 genes)  IDA  
GO:0023026 [list] [network] MHC class II protein complex binding  (16 genes)  HDA  
GO:0001671 [list] [network] ATPase activator activity  (22 genes)  IDA  
GO:0008144 [list] [network] drug binding  (62 genes)  IPI  
GO:0051117 [list] [network] ATPase binding  (79 genes)  IPI  
GO:0016887 [list] [network] ATPase activity  (156 genes)  IDA  
GO:0008022 [list] [network] protein C-terminus binding  (185 genes)  IEA  
GO:0019901 [list] [network] protein kinase binding  (414 genes)  IEA  
GO:0005524 [list] [network] ATP binding  (1477 genes)  IDA  
GO:0005515 [list] [network] protein binding  (9334 genes)  IPI  
KEGG hsa04022 cGMP-PKG signaling pathway
hsa04024 cAMP signaling pathway
hsa04260 Cardiac muscle contraction
hsa04261 Adrenergic signaling in cardiomyocytes
hsa04911 Insulin secretion
hsa04918 Thyroid hormone synthesis
hsa04919 Thyroid hormone signaling pathway
hsa04925 Aldosterone synthesis and secretion
hsa04960 Aldosterone-regulated sodium reabsorption
hsa04961 Endocrine and other factor-regulated calcium reabsorption
hsa04964 Proximal tubule bicarbonate reclamation
hsa04970 Salivary secretion
hsa04971 Gastric acid secretion
hsa04972 Pancreatic secretion
hsa04973 Carbohydrate digestion and absorption
hsa04974 Protein digestion and absorption
hsa04976 Bile secretion
hsa04978 Mineral absorption
Orthologous [Ortholog page] ATP1B2 (hsa)Atp1b1 (mmu)Atp1b2 (mmu)Atp1b2 (rno)Atp1b1 (rno)nrv1 (dme)nrv2 (dme)nrv3 (dme)atp1b1a (dre)atp1b2a (dre)atp1b3b (dre)atp1b1b (dre)atp1b2b (dre)nkb-3 (cel)nkb-1 (cel)ATP1B1 (gga)ATP1B1 (cfa)ATP1B2 (cfa)ATP1B1 (mcc)ATP1B2 (mcc)LOC107050378 (gga)
plas 4,  cyto 2,  extr 1,  mito 1,  E.R. 1,  E.R._mito 1  (predict for NP_001668.1)
Gene coexpression
KEGG* ID Title #genes Link to the KEGG* map
(Multiple genes)
hsa04110 Cell cycle 3
hsa04060 Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction 2
hsa04919 Thyroid hormone signaling pathway 2
hsa04151 PI3K-Akt signaling pathway 2
hsa04390 Hippo signaling pathway 2
Genes directly connected with ATP1B1 on the network
MR* Locus Fuction* Coexpression
Entrez Gene ID*
2.7 NME7 NME/NM23 family member 7 [detail] 29922
1463.7 SH3RF1 SH3 domain containing ring finger 1 [detail] 57630
1959.6 EPS8 epidermal growth factor receptor pathway substrate 8 [detail] 2059
2129.3 TNFRSF11A TNF receptor superfamily member 11a [detail] 8792
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Entrez Gene ID 481    
Refseq ID (protein) NP_001668.1 

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