[][] mmu Top2a Gene 
functional annotation
Function   topoisomerase (DNA) II alpha
GO:0045870 [list] [network] positive regulation of single stranded viral RNA replication via double stranded DNA intermediate  (1 genes)  ISO  
GO:1905463 [list] [network] negative regulation of DNA duplex unwinding  (1 genes)  ISO  
GO:0044774 [list] [network] mitotic DNA integrity checkpoint  (2 genes)  IBA  
GO:0000819 [list] [network] sister chromatid segregation  (3 genes)  IBA  
GO:0051309 [list] [network] female meiosis chromosome separation  (3 genes)  TAS  
GO:0006266 [list] [network] DNA ligation  (5 genes)  ISO  
GO:0030263 [list] [network] apoptotic chromosome condensation  (5 genes)  IBA ISO  
GO:0006265 [list] [network] DNA topological change  (7 genes)  IDA ISO  
GO:0040016 [list] [network] embryonic cleavage  (7 genes)  IMP  
GO:0000712 [list] [network] resolution of meiotic recombination intermediates  (13 genes)  IBA  
GO:0030261 [list] [network] chromosome condensation  (16 genes)  IMP  
GO:0006259 [list] [network] DNA metabolic process  (19 genes)  IEA  
GO:0045070 [list] [network] positive regulation of viral genome replication  (25 genes)  ISO  
GO:0007059 [list] [network] chromosome segregation  (86 genes)  IDA IMP ISO  
GO:0002244 [list] [network] hematopoietic progenitor cell differentiation  (94 genes)  IMP  
GO:0048511 [list] [network] rhythmic process  (128 genes)  IEA  
GO:0043065 [list] [network] positive regulation of apoptotic process  (321 genes)  ISO  
GO:0006974 [list] [network] cellular response to DNA damage stimulus  (435 genes)  ISO  
GO:0045944 [list] [network] positive regulation of transcription by RNA polymerase II  (1047 genes)  IMP  
GO:0009330 [list] [network] DNA topoisomerase complex (ATP-hydrolyzing)  (2 genes)  ISO  
GO:0000793 [list] [network] condensed chromosome  (32 genes)  IDA IMP  
GO:0000228 [list] [network] nuclear chromosome  (51 genes)  ISO  
GO:0005814 [list] [network] centriole  (95 genes)  ISO  
GO:0030529 [list] [network] ribonucleoprotein complex  (332 genes)  ISO  
GO:0005730 [list] [network] nucleolus  (710 genes)  IDA ISO  
GO:0043234 [list] [network] protein-containing complex  (748 genes)  ISO  
GO:0005654 [list] [network] nucleoplasm  (1912 genes)  ISO  
GO:0005634 [list] [network] nucleus  (5524 genes)  IDA ISO  
GO:0003918 [list] [network] DNA topoisomerase type II (ATP-hydrolyzing) activity  (3 genes)  IDA IGI ISO  
GO:0003916 [list] [network] DNA topoisomerase activity  (6 genes)  ISO  
GO:0008301 [list] [network] DNA binding, bending  (9 genes)  ISO  
GO:0008094 [list] [network] DNA-dependent ATPase activity  (34 genes)  ISO  
GO:0005080 [list] [network] protein kinase C binding  (56 genes)  ISO  
GO:0043130 [list] [network] ubiquitin binding  (64 genes)  ISO  
GO:0042826 [list] [network] histone deacetylase binding  (105 genes)  ISO  
GO:0008144 [list] [network] drug binding  (110 genes)  ISO  
GO:0016853 [list] [network] isomerase activity  (116 genes)  IEA  
GO:0000287 [list] [network] magnesium ion binding  (176 genes)  ISO  
GO:0008022 [list] [network] protein C-terminus binding  (228 genes)  ISO  
GO:0019899 [list] [network] enzyme binding  (389 genes)  ISO  
GO:0003682 [list] [network] chromatin binding  (444 genes)  ISO  
GO:0046982 [list] [network] protein heterodimerization activity  (539 genes)  ISO  
GO:0043565 [list] [network] sequence-specific DNA binding  (559 genes)  ISO  
GO:0042803 [list] [network] protein homodimerization activity  (817 genes)  ISO  
GO:0005524 [list] [network] ATP binding  (1368 genes)  ISO  
GO:0000166 [list] [network] nucleotide binding  (1666 genes)  IEA  
GO:0003677 [list] [network] DNA binding  (1709 genes)  ISO  
GO:0046872 [list] [network] metal ion binding  (2999 genes)  IEA  
GO:0005515 [list] [network] protein binding  (4163 genes)  IPI  
KEGG mmu01524 Platinum drug resistance
Orthologous [Ortholog page] TOP2A (hsa)TOP2B (hsa)Top2b (mmu)Top2 (dme)top-2 (cel)cin-4 (cel)R05D3.12 (cel)top2a (dre)Top2a (rno)Top2b (rno)TOP2A (gga)TOP2B (gga)TOP2B (cfa)TOP2A (cfa)top2b (dre)TOP2B (mcc)TOP2A (mcc)TOP2 (sce)top2 (spo)
nucl 6,  cyto_nucl 5,  cyto 3,  cyto_mito 2  (predict for NP_035753.2)
nucl 6,  cyto_nucl 5,  cyto 3,  cyto_mito 2  (predict for XP_006533216.1)
nucl 6,  cyto_nucl 5,  cyto 3,  cyto_mito 2  (predict for XP_006533217.1)
nucl 6,  cyto_nucl 5,  cyto 3,  cyto_mito 2  (predict for XP_006533218.1)
Gene coexpression
KEGG* ID Title #genes Link to the KEGG* map
(Multiple genes)
mmu04110 Cell cycle 5
mmu04914 Progesterone-mediated oocyte maturation 5
mmu04114 Oocyte meiosis 5
mmu04218 Cellular senescence 4
mmu04115 p53 signaling pathway 4
Genes directly connected with Top2a on the network
MR* Locus Fuction* Coexpression
Entrez Gene ID*
3.7 Mki67 antigen identified by monoclonal antibody Ki 67 [detail] 17345
9.7 Ccna2 cyclin A2 [detail] 12428
11.3 Cdk1 cyclin-dependent kinase 1 [detail] 12534
19.1 Pbk PDZ binding kinase [detail] 52033
57.7 Pclaf PCNA clamp associated factor [detail] 68026
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Entrez Gene ID 21973    
Refseq ID (protein) NP_035753.2 

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